Open Source Security Gateway

Open Source Security Gateway (OSSEG)

The Open Source Security Gateway (OSSEG) is an IMS compatible security gateway that adds firewall, VPN, IDS, IPS, and monitoring functionalities to VoIP networks. In order to provide these features OSSEG uses existing software projects and combines them to one solution. This means that OSSEG itself only includes configuration files and scripts needed to make a security gateway out of these single software components. All used software has been published under an Open Source license, e.g. the GNU Public License (GPL) and is widely used and under ongoing development. Furthermore the latest stable versions---if available---have been used to implement the security gateway.

The decentralized design of OSSEG basically provides scalability for small office networks up to carrier grade networks. Therefore OSSEG has a 2-way scalability concept: For small VoIP networks all components are implemented on Xen-based virtual network elements (OSSEG-XEN). If a higher throughput is expected and therefore more performance is needed, the components can be installed on single machines (OSSEG-NET). Both ways of implementing the OSSEG can be scaled itself by adding more resources or redundant components. So that the security gateway can be tailored to the size of the to be secured network.

Used software components:

The current development is in a pre alpha status.

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